Smart Pack™

CATSAN® Smart Pack™ is the first inlay pack for your litter tray consisting of a super absorbent liner sitting beneath a layer of HYGIENIC CAT LITTER. The liner actively absorbs the liquid underneath the HYGIENIC CAT LITTER and locks it in securely. By doing so, the litter stays noticeably drier for longer, whilst also helping to prevent odours.

CATSAN® Hygiene Litter consists of natural quartz sand and chalk giving CATSAN® Hygiene Litter the clean white colour.

CATSAN® HYGIENIC CAT LITTER consists of mineral granules made from lime & quartz sand. The granules contain thousands of micropores, which act like a sponge, aiding in the absorption of liquid.

Instructions for use: 

Place the CATSAN® Smart Pack™ into the litter tray, remove the sticker and unfold. Tear open the perforation and roll over the long side of the tray. It’s now ready for use.

Each CATSAN® Smart Pack™ can be completely disposed of after 10 days (or before If you prefer). Remove any solid matter as required.

Catsan Smart Pack

CATSAN® Smart Pack