Catsan Clumping Clay Cat Litter 3.5Kg

Your dog will readily accept these tasty chews offered by hand. Break the chew into pieces for dogs that normally swallow treats whole as chewing should be encouraged. Fasting, purging, or the use of special diets prior to dosing is not necessary. To avoid underdosing and to ensure the worming treatment is effective, it is essential to weigh your dog accurately and dose according to bodyweight.

BodyweightTasty Chews
5.1-10kg 1 chew
Over 10kg 1 chew per 10 kg body weight

Round to the nearest half or whole chew

We recommend regular treatment to keep your pet free from potentially dangerous worms. EXELPET® EZY-DOSE® INTESTINAL ALL-WORMER may be combined with other treatments such as heartworm prevention, flea or tick treatments.

Treatment Frequency

Dogs can be reinfested with worms from other pets or from their surroundings, therefore treatment should be repeated regularly. Follow the treatment frequency recommendations in the following table and worm all your pets at the same time to maximise protection.